6-8 Social Studies

 Civics Domain

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  • SST-06.C.01 Explain the historical and philosophical foundations of government.
  • SST-06.C.02 Analyze the structures and functions of governments.
  • SST-06.C.03 Describe the rights and liberties of individuals.
  • SST-06.C.04 Investigate the role and responsibilities of citizenship in society.


These standards band grades 6-12 in civics & government. It should be noted that some topics will overlap while others will exclusively appear in either middle or high school. Throughout the grade band, a basic knowledge of the foundation, role, and impact of government is emphasized. Students will begin examining the changes in government over time and the continual balance between individual rights and the common good. The goal is that students will learn the skills necessary to understand the role of government in their daily lives and be able to engage in government at all levels. These standards help students become thoughtful citizens who are informed, engaged, and committed to the ideas and values of a democratic republic. The knowledge of names and definitions is essential in/for acquiring knowledge; however, high-quality teaching and learning demands more than merely mastering facts and terms. Therefore, in teaching these standards, an inquiry approach is encouraged. Activities and assessments that require students to think, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, compare, contrast, and argue using a civic engagement lens should be emphasized.

Calculation Method for Domains

Domains are larger groups of related Standards with benchmarks. So the Domain is a calculation of all the related standards that calculate to the benchmarks. So click on the benchmark identifier below each Standards to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each standard.

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