6-8 Social Studies

 Geography Domain

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  • SST-07.G.01 Describe the physical processes that shape the Earth’s surface and how these affect the lives of people who live there.
  • SST-07.G.02 Analyze the movement of people, goods, ideas, technology, etc. throughout the world.
  • SST-07.G.03 Analyze the unifying physical and human characteristics of a region and their formal and informal boundaries.
  • SST-07.G.04 Use geographic tools to locate both the absolute and relative location of places and regions around the world.
  • SST-07.G.05 Analyze how human beings are dependent upon, adapt to, and modify their environment to meet their needs.


These geography standards are based on the Five Themes of Geography: Place, Movement, Regions, Location, and Human-Environment Interaction. These standards are written to give students a global perspective, which they can apply to other courses of study. Quality geography education is more than memorizing places on a map. It involves an understanding of various cultures, their motivations, and their connections to the global community. It also includes a deep understanding of how human beings have altered the landscape of the Earth over time, both physically and culturally.

Calculation Method for Domains

Domains are larger groups of related Standards with benchmarks. So the Domain is a calculation of all the related standards that calculate to the benchmarks. So click on the benchmark identifier below each Standards to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each standard.

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