6-8 Social Studies

 Economics Domain

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  • SST-08.E.01 Analyze the concept of scarcity when making economic decisions.
  • SST-08.E.02 Compare and contrast how varying economic systems impact a nation and its citizens.
  • SST-08.E.03 Analyze how supply and demand impact the allocation of goods and services.
  • SST-08.E.04 Analyze the various institutions that drive and support the market economy.
  • SST-08.E.05 Evaluate the various macroeconomic measurements available to determine an economy’s size and strength.
  • SST-08.E.06 Analyze how globalization has impacted various aspects of economies around the world.
  • SST-08.E.07 Evaluate the elements of responsible personal finance.


At the middle school level, basic economic principles are best integrated within United States history, world history, and geography. The knowledge of names and definitions is essential for acquiring knowledge; however, high-quality teaching and learning demands more than merely mastering facts and terms. Therefore, in teaching these standards, it is encouraged to use an active economic inquiry approach. Activities and assessments that require students to think, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, compare, contrast, and argue using economic habits of mind should be emphasized..

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