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 United States History Domain

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World history is about connections between people. Students need to understand how civilizations and cultures arose, developed, and interacted through conflict and peaceful exchange.

World history content is separated into four eras. The six standards for world history are the same for each era and are applicable to all eras of study. Benchmarks provide guidance on how to apply the standards to each era. The guiding topics column includes key topics fundamental to that era of study. It is the belief of the development committee that the guiding topics, while not required, illustrate multiple ways for students to successfully achieve the standards.

United States History Eras

  • SST-MS.US_e1 Era 1: Creation and Foundation of United States Government (1754-1814)
  • SST-MS.US_e2 Era 2: Growth and Division in the Union (1814-1877)
  • SST-MS.US_e3 Era 3: (1877-1941)

Anchor Standards

  • SST-MS.US_a.01 Analyze primary and secondary sources with attention to reliability, impact, and purpose.
  • SST-MS.US_a.02 Examine the impact of multiple perspectives on social, political, and cultural development.
  • SST-MS.US_a.03 Explain the relationship of events focusing on the link(s) between cause and effect.
  • SST-MS.US_a.04 Compare how historical elements change over time.
  • SST-MS.US_a.05 Analyze the significant contributions of people and policy, and the influence on an era.
  • SST-MS.US_a.06 Connect the past to the present using current events.

Calculation Method for Domains

Domains are larger groups of related Standards with benchmarks. So the Domain is a calculation of all the related standards that calculate to the benchmarks. So click on the benchmark identifier below each Standards to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each standard.

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