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Geography Standard

SST-HS.G.01 Describe the physical processes that shape the Earth’s surface and how these affect the lives of people who live there.


  • SST-HS.G.01.1 Describe the physical processes that shape the Earth’s surface.
  • SST-HS.G.01.2 Explain the factors that cause different types of climates and ecosystems, and their latitudes/locations.
  • SST-HS.G.01.3 Identify how major ecosystems provide raw materials.
  • SST-HS.G.01.4 Analyze the physical and human characteristics of a place.
  • SST-HS.G.01.5 Describe how combinations of human decisions and natural forces can lead to (or help people avoid) a natural disaster.

Guiding Practice

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Calculation Method for Standards

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