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(AP) Academic Preparedness


Students have the academic skills and can successfully complete rigorous college and career preparatory curriculum and experiences.


AVI-08.AP.01: Writing 
  • A tool for communication, reflection, and learning
  • Inquiry
  • Visible organization of thought
  • Communication with authentic audiences
AVI-08.AP.02: Inquiry
  • Uncovering one’s understanding
  • Critical thinking and questioning
  • Exploring a variety of ways to solve problems
  • Engaging in thinking, learning, and discussion to inspire innovation
AVI-08.AP.03: Collaboration 
  • Positive group interactions
  • Teamwork with shared responsibility
  • Sharing of ideas, information, and opinions
AVI-08.AP.04: Organization 
  • Managing materials, time, and self
  • Practicing methodical study habits
  • Planning and prioritizing school, work, and social tasks
  • Engaging in goal-setting, planning, and reflection
  • Strategically and intentionally taking responsibility for one’s own learning
AVI-08.AP.05: Reading 
  • Making connections between texts, self, and the world
  • Navigating and comprehending rigorous texts
  • Evaluating information from a variety of formats
  • Organizing and applying text-based learning

Calculation Method for Domains

Frameworks are larger groups of related student standards. So the Framework Score is a calculation of all the related student competencies. So click on the student standards identifiers  name below each Framework to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each standard.

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