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Framework (AP) Academic Preparedness 

AVI-08.AP.01: Writing is a learning tool, a personal and public communication tool, and serves as a record of thinking. Students who write consider audience and purpose, engage in various writing processes to address specific situations, support their thinking, and demonstrate understanding.


(a) Develop writing skills related to timed, argumentative, and descriptive modes of writing
(b) Gather information related to the writing prompt to generate a bank of resources and information
(c) Compose first drafts with a focus on establishing a clear purpose for the writing
(d) Utilize inquiry strategies to develop additional questions as needed
(e) Independently create and execute a plan for the revision process
(f) Analyze the language of writing and edit for voice, flow, and clarity
(g) Publish writing to an audience outside of the classroom, such as an online forum
(h) Take notes with an emphasis on selecting the appropriate format for note-taking based on the note-taking objective
(i) Take notes with an emphasis on using strategies to organize notes (e.g., indentation, bullets, outlines, skipping lines, color-coding)
(j) Reflect on how notes help to meet the learning objective and contribute to academic and personal success

Students who write can:

  • Engage frequently, in every content area and classroom
  • Cite evidence to support their thinking
  • Deepen their understanding of content
  • Demonstrate command of academic vocabulary
  • Communicate as a content expert
  • Communicate their thinking competently and confidently



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