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Framework (AP) Academic Preparedness 

AVI-08.AP.03: Collaboration is teamwork with shared responsibility, sharing of ideas, information and opinions, and formal and informal discussion. Students who collaborate work together toward a common goal, develop positive interdependence, work in focused study groups, and support the learning of others through inquiry.


(a) Negotiate roles within a collaborative group through the adoption of effective elements of collaboration
(b) Integrate multiple perspectives into group products
(c) Deepen relational capacity through the creation of novel ideas and solutions
(d) Interact with peers in complex situations while maintaining a focus on respect, trust, and empathy
(e) Support all group members’ understanding of key concepts
(f) Utilize technology to connect to the global community and to explore topics from multiple perspectives
(g) Adjust ineffective verbal and nonverbal communication into effective communication
(h) Demonstrate active listening by asking clarifying questions
(i) Demonstrate command of grammar when communicating
(j) Speak effectively before the whole class

Students who collaborate can:

  • Create a safe and supportive physical and philosophical environment
  • Work through identified structures and roles to achieve a common goal
  • Develop positive interdependence
  • Clearly communicate verbally and non-verbally
  • Listen effectively to decipher meaning
  • Deepen the learning of others through inquiry and active engagement



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