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Framework (OK) Opportunity Knowledge 

AVI-08.OK.01: Advancing College Preparedness is focusing on college readiness to help students be successful after high school.


(a) Refine key personal attributes for academic, social, and financial fit related to college selection
(b) Reflect on current GPA and how it relates to choosing a college and career path
(c) Compare various college campus structures, services, and opportunities
(d) Research and evaluate scholarship offerings, including FAFSA
(e) Produce long-term academic plans that align with goals 
(f) Plan for a successful transition to the next step in the academic journey 
(g) Gain exposure to pathways offering work opportunities (credentials, certifications, internships, etc.)
(h) Engage in information gathering to determine match, reach, and safety schools in order to mitigate “summer melt” and under matching during the selection process
(i) Determine whether additional test prep and testing is needed to reach scholarships goals

Student who are prepared for college can:

  • manage their time
  • seek assistance when needed
  • think critically and plan long term goals



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