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Framework (OK) Opportunity Knowledge 

AVI-08.OK.02: Building Career Knowledge is PASTE.


(a) Develop an authentic and personal definition of success
(b) Refine key personal attributes for academic, social, and financial fit related to career selection
(c) Gain awareness of how academic performance links to career performance and success
(d) Expand thinking about potential career fields by encouraging discovery of a variety of career fields and the opportunities therein 
(e) Develop knowledge and gain exposure to transitional phases related to work life
(f) Identify best-fit career fields based on academic, social, and financial fit to develop short- and long-term career pathways
(g) Engage in real-world experiences within career fields of interest, such as service learning projects, job-shadowing opportunities, or internship possibilities

Student who build career knowledge can:

  • set goals for themselves to be successful
  • find a mentor in careers that they are interested
  • review job descriptions for positions they want



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