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Framework (AP) Academic Preparedness 

AVI-07.AP.02: Inquiry is uncovering one's understanding, asking critical questions, engaging in thinking, learning and discussion. Students who inquire analyze and synthesize materials or ideas, clarify their own thinking, probe others' thinking, and work through ambiguity.


(a) Develop inquiry skills through focused observation and analysis
(b) Identify the specific point of confusion related to a misunderstood concept or problem
(c) Determine whether similar problems could be solved using the same steps/process
(d) Reflect on learning to make connections between new learning and previous experiences
(e) Reflect on learning strategies that were employed, whether those strategies were effective, and how methods could be adjusted in the future
(f) Reflect on a process that was used, whether that process was effective, and how methods could be adjusted in the future
(g) Brainstorm ideas for research topics to address a research prompt
(h) Determine the relevance, validity, and reliability of information found within sources
(i) Organize information, sources, and data that support the research prompt
(j) Integrate quotations to support claims, citing locations and references for texts
(k) Publish research to entire class, such as an oral presentation

Students who inquire can:

  • Analyze and synthesize materials or ideas
  • Clarify their own thinking
  • Probe others’ thinking
  • Work through ambiguity
  • Solve authentic problems



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