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Framework (AP) Academic Preparedness 

AVI-07.AP.05: Reading is strategically gaining meaning, understanding and knowledge from print and other media, purpose-driven, and interactive. Students who read understand text structures, apply prior knowledge and make connections to other text, self and world, made predictions and ask questions, and create visual images as they read.


(a) Assess whether a text is appropriate according to the reading purpose
(b) Make predictions about the text using text features
(c) Assess relevant prior knowledge and identify gaps
(d) Utilize tools to deepen understanding of vocabulary
(e) Mark the text to accomplish the reading purpose through the lens of a content expert
(f) Extend beyond the text by evaluating and synthesizing key learning

Students who read can:

  • Activate, engage, and extend beyond the text
  • Make predictions and create visual images as they read
  • Understand text structures
  • Question the text and engage in deep inquiry
  • Become content experts
  • Evaluate sources for accuracy and bias



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