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(SA) Student Agency


Students believe in and activate their own potential, build relationships, persist through obstacles, and exercise their academic, social, emotional, and professional knowledge and skills.


AVI-06.SA.01: Student Empowerment
  • the idea of creating an environment where students want to learn rather than have to learn
  • a process by which students gain more control over their lives
  • develop empowered academic outcomes including competence, self-determination, and a sense that their voice is heard
AVI-06.SA.02: Leadership of Others
  • process of enlisting and guiding student talents and energies toward achieving common educational goals

Calculation Method for Frameworks

Frameworks are larger groups of related student standards. So the Framework Score is a calculation of all the related student competencies. So click on the student standards identifiers  name below each Framework to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each standard.

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