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Framework (AP) Academic Preparedness 

AVI-06.AP.04: Organization means students develop and use processes procedures, and tools to study effectively while managing their time through prioritizing and goal setting.


(a) Begin implementing organizational tools that support academic success
(b) Create an activity log or tracking system for community extracurricular activities and hours
(c) Explore a variety of organizational formats for calendaring/planning
(d) Determine how to use time effectively
(e) Assess complex assignments and break them into smaller tasks
(f) Set personal, academic, and career goals
(g) Monitor progress toward goals
(h) Utilize visual frameworks to organize information

Students who organize can:

  • Self-direct, self-evaluate, self-monitor, and self-advocate to reach academic goals
  • Develop and use tools to organize thinking, resources, and time
  • Develop and use processes, procedures, and tools to study effectively
  • Prepare for rigorous courses and engage fully in instruction



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