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Framework (AP) Academic Preparedness 

AVI-06.AP.02: Inquiry is uncovering one's understanding, asking critical questions, engaging in thinking, learning and discussion. Students who inquire analyze and synthesize materials or ideas, clarify their own thinking, probe others' thinking, and work through ambiguity.


(a) Create questions based on Costa’s Levels of Thinking
(b) Identify misunderstood concepts or problems
(c) Determine the steps/process that led to a solution
(d) Reflect on learning to make connections between new learning and previous learning
(e) Reflect on learning strategies that were employed and whether those strategies were effective
(f) Identify processes that are used
(g) Reflect on a process that was used and whether that process was effective
(h) Analyze a research prompt
(i) Locate sources that are relevant to the topic and support the purpose of the research assignment
(j) Distinguish between primary and secondary sources
(k) Plan and structure the writing based on the research prompt
(l) Integrate quotations and references to texts, using proper citations
(m) Publish research to a small group audience within the classroom, such as a formal written

Students who inquire can:

  • Analyze and synthesize materials or ideas
  • Clarify their own thinking
  • Probe others’ thinking
  • Work through ambiguity
  • Solve authentic problems



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