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Framework (OK) Opportunity Knowledge 

AVI-06.OK.01: Advancing College Preparedness is focusing on college readiness to help students be successful after high school.


(a) Identify personal interests and skills related to future college aspirations, such as through an interest inventory
(b) Know how to determine GPA
(c) Develop familiarity with college terminology
(d) Classify the various types of colleges
(e) Understand scholarships and the role they play in college financing
(f) Articulate the importance of long-term academic plans as a part of goal setting and achievement
(g) Identify what is meant by match schools, reach schools, and safety schools in order to determine the best academic fit during the selection process

Student who are prepared for college can:

  • manage their time
  • seek assistance when needed
  • think critically and plan long term goals



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