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Ground and Inflight OperationsAER s3 logo

Standards Structure

  • Content Standards are listed at the top of the list and are the general statements of what students need to know and be able to do.
  • Topics are listed below the standards and further clarify a specific area of the standard.
    • 3_1 Airport Operations
    • 3_2 Airspace
    • 3_3 Flight Communication
    • 3_4 Navigation
    • 3_5 Cross Country Flight Planning
  • Student competencies, listed below the topics, are the specific learning expectations for students.. 

Calculation Method for Standards

Standards are larger groups of related student competencies. So the Standard Score is a calculation of all the related student competencies. So click on the student competences identifiers name below each Standard to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each Disciplinary Core Idea's related Performance Expectations.

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