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  (GM) Geometry and Measurement
(G) Geometry
Learners will compose and classify figures and shapes based on attributes and properties; represent and solve problems using a coordinate plane.
MAT-01.GM.G.02 Name and identify solids as three-dimensional. (cylinders, cones, triangular prisms, and rectangular prisms)

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Three-Dimensional Shapes

  • MAT-00.GM.G.02 Name shapes and identify them as three-dimensional (cubes and spheres) regardless of their orientations or overall size. 
  • MAT-01.GM.G.02 Name and identify solids as three-dimensional (cylinders, cones, triangular prisms, and rectangular prisms). 
  • MAT-01.GM.G.03 Determine geometric attributes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. 
  • MAT-02.GM.G.02 Identify two-dimensional shapes found within three-dimensional shapes. 
  • MAT-02.GM.G.03 Compose geometric shapes having specified geometric attributes, such as a given number of edges, angles, faces, vertices, and/or sides. 
  • MAT-06.GM.GF.03 Represent three-dimensional figures using nets made up of rectangles and triangles (right prisms and pyramids whose bases are triangles and rectangles). Calculate the surface area of prisms with rectangular and triangular bases using nets, including authentic problems.

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