Career Ready Practices

CRP-04: Communication

Communicate Clearly, Effectively, and with Reason.


Career-ready individuals communicate thoughts, ideas, and action plans with clarity, whether using written, verbal, and/or visual methods. They communicate in the workplace with clarity and purpose to make maximum use of their own and others’ time. They are excellent writers; they master conventions, word choice and organization and use effective tone and presentation skills to articulate ideas. They are skilled at interacting with others; they are active listeners and speak clearly and with purpose. Career-ready individuals think about the audience for their communication and prepare accordingly to ensure the desired outcome.


  • (CRP-04.01) Communicating well
  • (CRP-04.02) Communicating through presentation
  • (CRP-04.03) Communicating new ideas
  • (CRP-04.04) Timely listening/speaking
  • (CRP-04.05) Listening well
  • (CRP-04.06) Communicating w/ tech.
  • (CRP-04.07) Communicating through written form

Calculation of the Standard

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