Resources for Standard 1

SST-03.1 Skills and Resources

    • SST-03.1.01 Uses key and legends to locate features on a map
    • SST-03.1.02 Create a mental map that demonstrates understanding of the relative location, direction, size and shape of the local community
    • SST-03.1.03 Use a variety of resources to gather information: (people & places)
    • SST-03.1.04 Describe current events using print and electronic media
    • SST-03.1.05 Construct time lines
    • SST-03.1.06 Interpret simple time lines
    • SST-03.1.07 Use spatial terms to describe the world


SST Standard 1 logoSST-03.1.05 Construct time lines (i.e. periods in their own lives and the lives of their family members)