HS Learning Goals

 High School

(9-12) HS Indicators

Learning Goals


SEL-HS.S-A Self-Awareness

    • SEL-HS.S-A.1ie Create a plan for managing a variety of emotions.
    • SEL-HS.S-A.2rs Analyze perceived limitations and create a plan leveraging strengths to address limitations.
    • SEL-HS.S-A.3sce Demonstrate resilience and a positive attitude for school and life.
    • SEL-HS.S-A.4asp Advocate for oneself by creating 'I'-message to present personal perspective.


SEL-HS.S-M Self-Management

    • SEL-HS.S-M.1ic Apply strategies to mitigate personal response to different levels of emotions.
    • SEL-HS.S-M.2sm Create a long term plan for stress management throughout the lifespan.
    • SEL-HS.S-M.3sd Consistently apply strategies for working hard in challenging settings.
    • SEL-HS.S-M.4s-m Apply strategies for developing and maintaining a growth mindset. S-M
    • SEL-HS.S-M.5gs Create a plan for monitoring progress toward personal and academic short and long-term goal achievement.
    • SEL-HS.S-M.6os Create a plan for planning, prioritizing and managing time independently to maximize efficiency.


SEL-HS.SA Social Awareness

    • SEL-HS.SA.1hs Evaluate and utilize available resources at home, school and the community.
    • SEL-HS.SA.2ept Analyze the effect of personal behavior with reference to the feelings and perspectives of others and adjust personal behavior accordingly.
    • SEL-HS.SA.3ad Demonstrate strategies fore expressing understanding towards those who held different beliefs.
    • SEL-HS.SA.4rfo Evluate how society and cultural norms, morals and values affect personal interactions.


SEL-HS.RS Relationship Skills

    • SEL-HS.RS.1c Evaluate the verbal and nonverbal cues from others to create differentiated communication plans.
    • SEL-HS.RS.2se Evaluate personal engagement in social situations at home, school and in the community and create a plan for personal growth.
    • SEL-HS.RS.3rb Demonstrate a variety of strategies for collaborating with peers, adults and others in the community.
    • SEL-HS.RS.4tw Apply appropriate limit setting strategies (e.g. Acknowledge Feelings, Communicate the limit, Target alternative).
    • SEL-HS.RS.5cr Evaluate personal response to conflict and create a plan for personal growth in resolving conflict.


SEL-HS.RDM Responsible Decision-Making

    • SEL-HS.RDM.1ip Demonstrate the ability to accurately anticipate problems in a variety of situations.
    • SEL-HS.RDM.2as Differentiate between emotional response and factual information surrounding situations.
    • SEL-HS.RDM.3sp Create a plan to apply the most appropriate solution to problems.
    • SEL-HS.RDM.4e&r Analyze how current choices affect one's future.
    • SEL-HS.RDM.5er Apply moral, personal, an ethical standards when making decisions.