BPS District Computer Science and Cybersecurity Standards Book


BPS-S CSC Standards LogoComputer Science and Cybersecurity (CSC)

The goal of the cybersecurity standards is to ensure that all North Dakota graduates are educated in the foundational principles of cybersecurity. By educating students in cybersecurity we will develop citizens of North Dakota that are prepared to live in an increasingly digital and technology-driven society.

  • (NI) Network & Internet - Networks link computers and devices locally and around the world allowing people to access and communicate information.
  • (HS) Hardware & Software - Devices, hardware, and software work together as a system to accomplish tasks.
  • (T) Troubleshooting - Strategies for solving technology system problems.
  • (PSA) Problem Solving & Algorithms - Strategies for understanding and solving problems.
  • (DCA) Data Creation & Analysis - Data can be collected, used, and presented with computing devices or digital tools.
  • (DD) Development & Design - Design processes to create new, useful, and imaginative solutions to problems.
  • (A) Access - Effective search strategies can locate information for intellectual or creative pursuits.
  • (E) Evaluate - Information sources can be evaluated for accuracy, currency, appropriateness, and purpose.
  • (C) Create - It is important to both consume and produce information to be digitally literate.
  • (IP) Intellectual Property - Respect for the rights and obligations of using and sharing intellectual property.
  • (IC) Impacts of Computing - Past, present, and possible future impact of technology on society.
  • (SI) Social Interactions - Technology facilitates collaboration with others.
  • (SE) Safety & Ethics - There are both positive and negative impacts in social and ethical behaviors for using technology. 
  • (RU) Responsible Use - Respect and dignity in virtual communities. 
  • (DI) Digital Identity - Responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world.

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