6-8 Grade Level

- Social Studies 6

Global Studies


6109: Social Studies

Grade Placement: 6 .......... Full year

This is a required course of study for 6th grade. It is a study that begins with early civilizations in SW Asia, followed by Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, Ancient China, and the Middle Ages. The importance of geography, political systems, difference in cultures, and the contributions and accomplishments of these early people are the foci.

SST-06.G Geography Domain

SST-06.G.02 Analyze the movement of people, goods, ideas, technology, etc. throughout the world.
  • SST-06.G.02.1  Explain how movement of goods, information, and population are affected by technology.
  • SST-06.G.02.2  Describe patterns of settlement and explain why people settle where they do and how they make their living.
  • SST-06.G.02.3  Explain the patterns, causes, and consequences of major human migrations.

SST-06.WH World History

SST-06.WH_a (A) Domain: World History Anchor Standards
  • SST-06.WH_a.01 - Analyze historical achievements related to science and technology.
  • SST-06.WH_a.02 - Explain historical changes related to religions and ideologies.
  • SST-06.WH_a.03 - Analyze the effects of different political systems on people.
  • SST-06.WH_a.04 - Analyze the influence of social, cultural, and economic developments on individuals.
  • SST-06.WH_a.05 - Analyze causes and effects of global events in the past using primary and/or secondary sources.
  • SST-06.WH_a.06 - Explain how past events connect to the present.
SST-06.WH_e1.b Era 1: Emergence of Civilizations and Religions Around the Globe
  • SST-06.WH_e1.b1 Explain multiple achievements of civilizations and connect them to the present.
  • SST-06.WH_e1.b2 Describe the belief systems or religions of early civilizations.
  • SST-06.WH_e1.b3 Explain the impact of the development of agriculture on the social, cultural, and economic lives of individuals.
  • SST-06.WH_e1.b4 Explain how political systems impacted the people in Greece and Rome and how those political systems connect to the present
SST-06.WH_e2.b Era 2: Middle Ages and the Renaissance
  • SST-06.WH_e2.b1 Explain the causes and effects of Medieval social structures using primary and secondary sources.
  • SST-06.WH_e2.b2 Explain how the relationship between religious and political bodies impacted the social, cultural, or economic developments of individuals.
  • SST-06.WH_e2.b3 Explain the emergence of cultural interaction between Europe and other civilizations.