9-12 Grade Levels

- Government

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Grade Placement: 12..........1/2 credit.......... Semester 1 or 2

Government is a one-semester required course for seniors. The course studies philosophies of government and legal systems. A major emphasis will be the functions of national government, with some time devoted to state and local systems. The U.S. Constitution will be studied in depth with units on democracy, Congress, the President, court structure, political parties, and individual rights. Students will be helped to understand the responsibilities of citizenship.

SST-HS.C Civics Domain

SST-HS.C.01 Explain the historical and philosophical foundations of government.
  • SST-HS.C.01.1 
    Evaluate the thoughts of major political philosophers.
  • SST-HS.C.01.2 
    Explain the influence of British and colonial history on early America.
  • SST-HS.C.01.3 
    Evaluate the creation and impact of primary sources on political thought in the United States.
SST-HS.C.02 Analyze the structures and functions of governments.
  • SST-HS.C.02.1 
    Differentiate/compare forms and origins of governments.
  • SST-HS.C.02.2 
    Examine the role and purposes of government.
  • SST-HS.C.02.3 
    Analyze the structure, principles, and interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.
  • SST-HS.C.02.4 
    Explain the relationship among federal, state, tribal, and local governmental powers.
  • SST-HS.C.02.5 
    Explain the purposes, organization, powers, and processes of tribal and local governments.
SST-HS.C.03 Describe the rights and liberties of individuals.
  • SST-HS.C.03.1 
    Describe and examine the amendments to the United States Constitution and their application in the United States.
  • SST-HS.C.03.2 
    Describe the impact of court cases on rights and liberties of individuals.
SST-HS.C.04 Investigate the role and responsibilities of citizenship in society.
  • SST-HS.C.04.1 
    Explain how citizens can influence government.
  • SST-HS.C.04.2 
    Describe and evaluate the criteria and process for naturalization in the United States.
  • SST-HS.C.04.3 
    Explain how citizens’ personal and civic responsibilities are important to the preservation and improvement of United States constitutional republic.
  • SST-HS.C.04.4 
    Identify bias and evaluate its role in media sources.
  • SST-HS.C.04.5 
    Demonstrate active participation in civic life.