9-12 Grade Levels

- Economics

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Grade Placement: 12..........1/2 credit.......... Semester 1 or 2

The course focuses on the modified market economy of the United States, how it compares to other economic systems, and the role of the United States in the global marketplace. Students will learn how individuals and societies use their resources to satisfy their wants/needs. This course should enable students to apply economic knowledge to their daily lives.

SST-HS.E Economics Domain

SST-HS.E.01 Analyze the concept of scarcity when making economic decisions.
  • SST-HS.E.01.1
    Analyze the basic concepts of economic thinking.
  • SST-HS.E.01.2
    Describe the difference between a command/centrally planned economy and market economy.
SST-HS.E.02 Compare and contrast how varying economic systems impact a nation and its citizens.
  • SST-HS.E.02.1 
    Describe the difference between a command/centrally planned economy and market economy.
SST-HS.E.03 Analyze how supply and demand impact the allocation of goods and services.
SST-HS.E.04 Analyze the various institutions that drive and support the market economy.
  • SST-HS.E.04.1 
    Explain the role of businesses and financial institutions in a market economy.
  • SST-HS.E.04.2 
    Evaluate the role of government in a market economy.
  • SST-HS.E.04.3 
    Explain the functions and role of money.
SST-HS.E.05 Evaluate the various macroeconomic measurements available to determine an economy’s size and strength.
SST-HS.E.06 Analyze how globalization has impacted various aspects of economies around the world.
  • SST-HS.E.06.1 
    Describe how trade generates economic development and interdependence.
  • SST-HS.E.06.2 
    Analyze the benefits and costs for individuals, producers, and governments in international trade.
SST-HS.E.07 Evaluate the elements of responsible personal finance.
  • SST-HS.E.07.1
    Evaluate career choices and the effect on the standard of living.
  • SST-HS.E.07.2
    Evaluate the effect of taxes and other factors on income.

  • SST-HS.E.07.3 
    Develop short- and long-term financial goals.
  • SST-HS.E.07.4 
    Analyze the cost and benefits of different types of credit and debt; and the rights and responsibilities of borrowers.
  • SST-HS.E.07.5
    Develop strategies to avoid and manage debt effectively.