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"I can ... statements"
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K-2 Grade Band LogoA high-quality Social Studies program is essential for all students. It provides a foundation for intelligent and precise thinking. Social Studies should also prepare every student to contribute to society as an informed citizen. To be a responsible and productive member of today’s society, a student needs to have a broad, connected, and useful knowledge of Social Studies.

KWith  glossary iconKindergarten Standards, your child will be studying about themselves.

1st GradeIn Glossary Icon1st Grade Standards, your child will be studying about their school and family . 

2nd GradeIn Glossary Icon2nd Grade Standards, your child will be studying about their community. 

SST-K_2.C Civics Domain

Origin, Purpose, and Function
Roles and Involvement of United States Citizens and Residents

SST-K_2.E Economics Domain

Exchange and Markets
National Economy

SST-K_2.G Geography Domain

Geographical Representation
  • SST-00.G.1 | SST-01.G.1 | SST-02.G.1
    Construct maps, graphs, and other representations that contain symbols, labels, and legends.
  • SST-0.G.02 | SST-1.G.02 | SST-2.G.02
    Begins in Grade 3
  • SST-0.G.03 | SST-1.G.03 | SST-2.G.03
    Begins in Grade 3
Human and Environment Interactions
Human Population
  • SST-0.G.07 | SST-1.G.07 | SST-2.G.07
    Begins in Grade 3
  • SST-0.G.08 | SST-1.G.08 | SST-2.G.08
    Begins in Grade 3

SST-K_2.H History Domain

  • SST-00.H.1 | SST-01.H.1 | SST-02.H.1
    Compare perspectives of people in the past to those of people in the present.
  • SST-0.H.02 | SST-1.H.02 | SST-2.H.02
    Begins in Grade 3
  • SST-0.H.03 | SST-1.H.03 | SST-2.H.03
    Begins in Grade 3
Cause-Effect & Current Events
Connections, Contributions, Historical Source & Evidence
  • SST-00.H.4 | SST-01.H.4 | SST-02.H.4
    Demonstrate chronological thinking by describing changes in the community over time.
  • SST-00.H.5 | SST-01.H.5 | SST-02.H.5
    Explain how individuals and groups have made significant historical changes.
  • SST-0.H.08 | SST-1.H.08 | SST-2.H.08
    Begins in Grade 3
  • SST-0.H.09 | SST-1.H.09 | SST-2.H.09
    Begins in Grade 3