BPS District Social Studies Standards Book

K-12 Grade Bands

3_5 Grade Levels

BPS-S SST Logoglossary icon3-5 Standards
"I can ... statements"

Grade Band 3-5 logoA high-quality Social Studies program is essential for all students. It provides a foundation for intelligent and precise thinking. Social Studies should also prepare every student to contribute to society as an informed citizen. To be a responsible and productive member of today’s society, a student needs to have a broad, connected, and useful knowledge of Social Studies.

3rd GradeIn 3rd grade, your child will be studying about their community and beyond. 

4th GradeIn 4th grade, your child will be studying about North Dakota.

5th GradeIn 5th grade, your child will be studying about America's past.

SST-3_5.C Civics Domain

Origin, Purpose, and Function.
Roles and Involvement of United States Citizens and Residents.
  • SST-3_5.C.01 Compare and contrast the responsibilities and powers of government officials at various levels and branches of government.
  • SST-3_5.C.02 Describe the structure of government and how it functions to serve citizens/residents.
  • SST-3_5.C.03 ND Describe the structure of governments in North Dakota and how they function to serve citizens & residents. 
  • SST-3_5.C.04 Explain the importance of the basic principles that provide the foundation of the American system of government. (e.g. Amendments, Constitution, symbols, patriotic traditions, government leaders, etc.)
  • SST-3_5.C.05 Describe procedures for making decisions in a variety of settings.
  • SST-3_5.C.06 Compare and contrast personal and civic responsibilities and explain why they are important in community life.
  • SST-3_5.C.07 Develop and implement an action plan to address or inform others about an issue.

SST-3_5.E Economy Domain

Exchange and Markets
National Economy
  • SST-3_5.E.01 Utilize fundamental principles and concepts of economics to understand economic activity.
  • SST-3_5.E.02 Describe how goods and services are produced and distributed.
  • SST-3_5.E.03 Identify factors that influence saving and spending choices.
  • SST-3_5.E.04 Describe the necessity and impact of community services.
  • SST-3_5.E.05 NDDescribe & analyze how North Dakota’s location, culture, and natural resources influence its economic decisions and development.
  • SST-3_5.E.06 Compare and contrast the economic development of the geographical regions of the United States.
  • SST-3_5.E.07 Explain how natural resources affect the economies of the geographical regions of the United States.
  • SST-3_5.E.08 Describe how economics have changed over time.

SST-3_5.G Geography Domain

Geographical Representation
Human and Environment Interactions
Human Population
  • SST-3_5.G.01 Construct maps, graphs, and other representations of both familiar and unfamiliar places.
  • SST-3_5.G.02 Use geographic tools and technologies to acquire, process and report information from a spatial perspective.
  • SST-3_5.G.03 Use maps, satellite images, photographs, and other representations to explain relationships between the locations of places and regions and their environmental characteristics.
  • SST-3_5.G.04 ND LogoExplain how North Dakota regions have been influenced by physical and human characteristics.
  • SST-3_5.G.05 ND LogoCompare and contrast the three geographical regions of North Dakota.
  • SST-3_5.G.06 Explain how United States regions are created from common physical and human characteristics.
  • SST-3_5.G.07 ND LogoAnalyze patterns of human settlement in North Dakota.
  • SST-3_5.G.08 Analyze patterns of human settlement in North America.

SST-3_5.H History Domain

Cause-Effect & Current Events
Connections, Contributions, Historical Source & Evidence
  • SST-3_5.H.01 Compare and contrast multiple perspectives during the same time period, event, or historical period.
  • SST-3_5.H.02 Describe how people’s perspectives shape history.
  • SST-3_5.H.03 ND LogoDescribe the North Dakota Native American Essential Understandings.
  • SST-3_5.H.04 Analyze United States national holidays or days of observance and the impact on the culture of the United States.
  • SST-3_5.H.05 ND LogoDescribe multiple causes and effects of contemporary global events and developments in relation to North Dakota.
  • SST-3_5.H.06 Describe multiple causes and effects of contemporary global events and developments in relation to the United States.
  • SST-3_5.H.07 Explain cause and effect relationships among historical events in the United States using primary and secondary sources.
  • SST-3_5.H.08 Explain how individuals contributed to the United States throughout different historical eras using primary and secondary sources.
  • SST-3_5.H.09 ND LogoExplain how individuals and groups contributed to North Dakota.
  • SST-3_5.H.10 Nd LogoDescribe the events and developments that led to the statehood of North Dakota.