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Grade Band 9-12 logoIn High School, your child will be studying about PSY Soci. A high-quality Social Studies program is essential for all students. It provides a foundation for intelligent and precise thinking. Social Studies should also prepare every student to contribute to society as an informed citizen. To be a responsible and productive member of today’s society, a student needs to have a broad, connected, and useful knowledge of Social Studies.

Civics Glossary Completed
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  • SST-HS.C - Civics Domain
    • SST-HS.C.01 - Explain the historical and philosophical foundations of government.
      • SST-HS.C.01.1 - Evaluate the thoughts of major political philosophers.
      • SST-HS.C.01.2 - Explain the influence of British and colonial history on early America.
      • SST-HS.C.01.3 - Evaluate the creation and impact of primary sources on political thought in the United States.
    • SST-HS.C.02 - Analyze the structures and functions of governments.
      • SST-HS.C.02.1 - Differentiate/compare forms and origins of governments.
      • SST-HS.C.02.2 - Examine the role and purposes of government.
      • SST-HS.C.02.3 - Analyze the structure, principles, and interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.
      • SST-HS.C.02.4 - Explain the relationship among federal, state, tribal, and local governmental powers.
      • SST-HS.C.02.5 - Explain the purposes, organization, powers, and processes of tribal and local governments.
    • SST-HS.C.03 - Describe the rights and liberties of individuals.
      • SST-HS.C.03.1 - Describe and examine the amendments to the US Constitution and their application in the United States.
      • SST-HS.C.03.2 - Describe the impact of court cases on rights and liberties of individuals.
    • SST-HS.C.04 - Investigate the role and responsibilities of citizenship in society.
      • SST-HS.C.04.1 - Explain how citizens can influence government.
      • SST-HS.C.04.2 - Describe and evaluate the criteria and process for naturalization in the United States.
      • SST-HS.C.04.3 - Explain how citizens’ personal and civic responsibilities are important to the preservation and improvement of United States constitutional republic.
      • SST-HS.C.04.4 - Identify bias and evaluate its role in media sources.
      • SST-HS.C.04.5 - Demonstrate active participation in civic life.

Economics Glossary Partially Completed
Benchmarks need to be added to the anchor standards
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  • SST-HS.E - Economics Domain
    • SST-HS.E.01 - Analyze the concept of scarcity when making economic decisions.
    • SST-HS.E.02 - Compare and contrast how varying economic systems impact a nation and its citizens.
    • SST-HS.E.03 - Analyze how supply and demand impact the allocation of goods and services.
    • SST-HS.E.04 - Analyze the various institutions that drive and support the market economy.
    • SST-HS.E.05 - Evaluate the various macroeconomic measurements available to determine an economy’s size and strength.
    • SST-HS.E.06 - Analyze how globalization has impacted various aspects of economies around the world.
    • SST-HS.E.07 - Evaluate the elements of responsible personal finance.

Geography along with both History US and World Glossaries Under Development