BPS District Social Studies Standards Book

K-12 Grade Bands

6-8 Grade Level

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Grade Band 6-12 logoA high-quality Social Studies program is essential for all students. It provides a foundation for intelligent and precise thinking. Social Studies should also prepare every student to contribute to society as an informed citizen. To be a responsible and productive member of today’s society, a student needs to have a broad, connected, and useful knowledge of Social Studies.

6TH GradeWith Glossary Icon6th Grade Standards, your child will be studying about the western civilizations. 

7th GradeWith Glossary Icon7th Grade Standards, your child will be studying about North Dakota.

8th GradeWith Glossary Icon8th Grade Standards, your child will be studying about America's past and ND Studies.

SST-MS.C Civics Domain

SST-MS.C.01 Explain the historical and philosophical foundations of government.
SST-MS.C.02 Analyze the structures and functions of governments.
SST-MS.C.03 Describe the rights and liberties of individuals.
SST-MS.C.04 Investigate the role and responsibilities of citizenship in society.

SST-MS.E Economics Domain

SST-MS.E.01 Analyze the concept of scarcity when making economic decisions.
SST-MS.E.02 Compare and contrast how varying economic systems impact a nation and its citizens.
SST-MS.E.03 Analyze how supply and demand impact the allocation of goods and services.
SST-MS.E.04 Analyze the various institutions that drive and support the market economy.
SST-MS.E.05 Evaluate the various macroeconomic measurements available to determine an economy’s size and strength.
SST-MS.E.06 Analyze how globalization has impacted various aspects of economies around the world.
SST-MS.E.07 Evaluate the elements of responsible personal finance.

SST-MS.G Geography Domain

SST-MS.G.01 Describe the physical processes that shape the Earth’s surface and how these affect the lives of people who live there.
SST-MS.G.02 Analyze the movement of people, goods, ideas, technology, etc. throughout the world.
SST-MS.G.03 Analyze the unifying physical and human characteristics of a region and their formal and informal boundaries.
SST-MS.G.04 Use geographic tools to locate both the absolute and relative location of places and regions around the world.
SST-MS.G.05 Analyze how human beings are dependent upon, adapt to, and modify their environment to meet their needs.