Rocks (Book)

This chapter discusses the rock cycle and each of the three major types of rocks that form on Earth. Separate sections cover igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks individually.

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Devils Tower Image

Have you ever heard the phrase “rock solid?” Something is rock solid if it does not and cannot change. It will not fail or go wrong. A rock-solid plan is a sure bet. A rock-solid idea is sure to be doable. Devil's Tower in Wyoming looks rock solid. It looks like it would not change or move. Even in a million years it would look just like it does now.

In this chapter you will find out that rocks do change. Rocks can change from one type to another. Rocks can alter to have different characteristics but still be the same type. Most changes in rocks take place over long periods of time. More rarely the changes take only a short time. This rock formation’s days are numbered… and a diamond is not forever.