Introduction to Matter (Book)

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Changes in Matter

Chemical Changes in Matter

Did you ever make a "volcano," like the one in Figure below, using baking soda and vinegar? What happens when the two substances combine? They produce an eruption of foamy bubbles. This happens because of a chemical change. A chemical change occurs when matter changes chemically into an entirely different substance with different chemical properties. When vinegar and baking soda combine, they form carbon dioxide, a gas that causes the bubbles. It’s the same gas that gives soft drinks their fizz.

This girl is pouring vinegar on baking soda. This causes a bubbling "volcano."

Not all chemical changes are as dramatic as this "volcano." Some are slower and less obvious. Figure below and the video below show other examples of chemical changes.


These chemical changes all result in the formation of new substances with different chemical properties. Do you think any of these changes could be undone?