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Number and Operation in Base Ten

Narrative for the (NBT) Number and Operation in Base Ten

At Grade 2, students extend their base-ten understanding to hundreds. They now add and subtract within 1000, with composing and decomposing, and they understand and explain the reasoning of the processes they use. They become fluent with addition and subtraction within 100.

Students extend their understanding of the base-ten system by viewing 10 tens as forming a new unit called a “hundred.” This lays the groundwork for understanding the structure of the base-ten system as based in repeated bundling in groups of 10 and understanding that the unit associated with each place is 10 of the unit associated with the place to its right.

Students also begin to work towards multiplication when they skip count by 5s, by 10s, and by 100s. This skip counting is not yet true multiplication because students don’t keep track of the number of groups they have counted.

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