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Operations and Algebraic Thinking

 Narrative for the (OA) Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Algebraic thinking is about generalizing arithmetic operations and operating on unknown quantities.  It involves recognizing and analysing patterns and developing generalizations about these patterns.  In algebra, symbols can be used to represent generalizations. Operations and Algebraic Thinking deals with the basic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - the relationships they model, the kinds of problems they can be used to solve, as well as, their mathematical properties and relationships.

Grade 2 students build upon their work in Grade 1 with operations and algebraic thinking in two major ways. They represent and solve situational problems which involve addition and subtraction within 100 rather than within 20, and they represent and solve two-step situational problems in which the result is unknown, the change is unknown, and the start is unknown. (20 + 15 = ___; 20 + ___ = 46; ___ + 14=26)

The experiences students have with addition and subtraction in Kindergarten and Grade 1 culminate in Grade 2 with students becoming fluent in single-digit addition facts and the related subtraction facts using the mental strategies as needed.  Fluency in each grade involves a mixture of just knowing some answers, knowing some answers from patterns (e.g., “adding 0 yields the same number”), and knowing some answers from the use of strategies. As an outcome of a multi-year process that heavily involves the interplay of practice and reasoning, students have sufficient experience with addition and subtraction to know single-digit sums from memory by the end of the K–2 grade span.

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