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Measurement and Data

Narrative for the (MD) Measurement and Data

In Grade 5, students extend their measurement abilities from Grade 4 to express measurements in larger or smaller units within a measurement system.  The major emphasis for measurement in Grade 5 is volume. Volume not only introduces a third dimension and thus a significant challenge to students’ spatial structuring, but also complexity in the nature of the materials measured.

As students work with data in Grades K–5, they build foundations for their study of statistics and probability in Grades 6 and beyond, and they strengthen and apply what they are learning in arithmetic. Kindergarten work with data uses counting and order relations.  In Grades 3–5, work with data is closely related to the number line, fraction concepts, fraction arithmetic, and solving problems that involve the four operations.

By the end of Grade 5, students should be comfortable making line plots for measurement data and analyzing data shown in the form of a line plot. As in earlier grades, students should work with data in science and other subjects. Grade 5 students working in these contexts should be able to give deeper interpretations of data than in earlier grades.

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