6th Grade MAT Targeted Standards
Domain (EE) Expressions and Equations
Cluster: Represent and analyze quantitative relationships between dependent and indepenent variables

MAT-06.EE.09 Use variables to represent two quantities in a real-world problem that change in relationship to one another; write an equation to express one quantity, thought of as the dependent variable, in terms of the other quantity, thought of as the independent variable. Analyze the relationship between the dependent and independent variables using graphs and tables, and relate these to the equation.

For example, in a problem involving motion at constant speed, list and graph ordered pairs of distances and times, and write the equation d = 65t to represent the relationship between distance and time.

Student Learning Targets:

Knowledge Targets

  • I can recognize that a change in the independent variable (x) creates a change in the dependent variable (y).
  • I can recognize which relationships between independent (x) and dependent (y) variables are linear.

Reasoning Targets

  • I can evaluate the function (equation) for the values (input) given.
  • I can compare relationships between the independent (x) and dependent (y) using a graph (plotting ordered pairs).

Product Targets

  • I can represent a real-world problem with function rules (equations), input/output tables, and graphs.

Proficiency Scale

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