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[PS2] Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

SCI-MS.PS2.04 Use evidence to support the claim that gravitational interactions are attractive and depend on the masses of interacting objects.

Clarification Statement: Examples of this phenomenon could include the interactions of magnets, electrically-charged strips of tape, and electrically-charged pith balls. Examples of investigations could include first-hand experiences or simulations.
Disciplinary Core Ideas
PS2.B: Types of Interactions Gravitational forces are always attractive. There is a gravitational force between any two masses, but it is very small except when one or both of the objects have large mass-e.g., Earth and the sun.

Student Learning Targets:

Knowledge Targets

  • I can

Reasoning Targets

  • I can compare the amount of gravitational forces acting between objects.

Skills (Performance) Targets

  • I can explain how every object exerts a gravitational force on every other object.

Product Targets

  • I can

Proficiency Scale

The Student can ...
1 Beginning
... with help, demonstrate a partial understanding of some of the simpler details and processes (Score 2.0 content) and some of the more complex ideas and processes (Score 3.0 content).
  • descriptors
2 Developing
... demonstrate no major errors or omissions regarding the simpler details and processes but exhibits major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and processes (Score 3.0 content).
  • Key Vocabulary: force, motion, distance, weight, mass, gravity
  • calculate the weight of an object (weight=mass x gravity).
3 Proficient
“The Standard.”
... demonstrate no major errors or omissions regarding any of the information and processes that were end of instruction expectations.
  • recognize the relationship between gravity, distance, and mass
  • recognize the relationship between weight, gravity and mass
Sample Activity:
Construct and design your own roller coaster.
Jason Coaster Creator
Refer to MS-PS3-2

4 Advanced
... demonstrate in-depth inferences and applications regarding more complex material that go beyond end of instruction expectations.
  • descriptors



  • force
  • motion
  • distance
  • weight
  • mass
  • gravity


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