BPSS-SST logoStandard 2:

Important Historical Events

Students understand important historical events.

 Narrative for the Important Historical Events

The goal of social studies education is for children to develop thinking and decision-making skills that prepare them for responsible citizenship in a democratic society. Children begin to acquire these skills at the kindergarten level through learning experiences that allow them to explore their relationships with the immediate environment.  Children in kindergarten have the opportunity to use a variety of resources, including technology and electronic and print media, as a means of gathering, organizing, analyzing information, and answering questions. Students should have the opportunity to learn through peer interaction and participation in large and small groups, as well as through individual learning activities.

The History standard helps students examine the connections of their own environment with the past, begin to distinguish between symbols, events and people of the past and the present, and use a sense of time in classroom planning and participation.

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