Career Ready Practices

CRP-12: Teamwork

Work Productively in Teams While Using Cultural/Global Competence.


Career-ready individuals positively contribute to every team whether formal or informal. They apply an awareness of cultural differences to avoid barriers to productive and positive interaction. They find ways to increase the engagement and contribution of all team members. They plan and facilitate effective team meetings.


  • (CRP-12.01) Engaging actively and respectfully
  • (CRP-12.02) Respecting other ideas
  • (CRP-12.03) Listening well
  • (CRP-12.04) Sharing and supporting
  • (CRP-12.05) Open to compromise
  • (CRP-12.06) Participating
  • (CRP-12.07) Balancing all views
  • (CRP-12.08) Understanding culture
  • (CRP-12.09) Understanding the larger community

Calculation of the Standard

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