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Psychology Standards


  • SST-HS.PSY.D1 Domain 1: History and Research
  • SST-HS.PSY.D2 Domain 2: Biological Bases of Behavior
  • SST-HS.PSY.D3 Domain 3: Disorder, Therapies, and Treatments
  • SST-HS.PSY.D4 Domain 4: Development and Learning
  • SST-HS.PSY.D5 Domain 5: Memory and Cognition
  • SST-HS.PSY.D6 Domain 6: Motivation and Emotion
  • SST-HS.PSY.D7 Domain 7: Personality
  • SST-HS.PSY.D8 Domain 8: Social Psychology

Calculation Method for Standards

Standards are larger groups of related Domains with benchmarks. So the standard score is a calculation of all the related domains that calculate from their benchmarks. So click on the benchmark identifier below each Domain to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each benchmark.

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