BPSS-CEDs2 logoStandard 2: Career Development
Topic 2.1 Acquire the skills to investigate the world of work in relation to knowledge of self and to make informed career decisions.

CED-MS.S2.T1b: Develop Employment Readiness

  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.11 Acquire employability skills such as working on a team, problem-solving and organizational skills
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.12 Apply job readiness skills to seek employment opportunities
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.13 Demonstrate knowledge about the changing workplace
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.14 Learn about the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.15 Learn to respect individual uniqueness in the workplace
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.16 Learn how to write a résumé
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.17 Develop a positive attitude toward work and learning
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.18 Understand the importance of responsibility, dependability, punctuality, integrity and effort in the workplace
  • CED-MS.S2.T1b.19 Utilize time-and task-management skills

Calculation Method for Topics

Topics are larger groups of related student competencies. So the Topic Score is a calculation of all the related student competencies. So click on the student competences identifiers name below each Standard to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each related Performance Expectations.

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