BPSS-CEDs2 logoStandard 2: Career Development
Topic 2.2 Employ strategies to achieve future career goals with success and satisfaction.
CED-MS.S2.T2a Acquire Career Information


  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.01 Apply decision-making skills to career planning, course selection and career transition
  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.02 Identify personal skills, interests and abilities and relate them to current career choice
  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.03 Demonstrate knowledge of the career-planning process
  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.04 Know the various ways in which occupations can be classified
  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.05 Use research and information resources to obtain career information
  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.06 Learn to use the Internet to access career-planning information
  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.07 Describe traditional and nontraditional career choices and how they relate to career choice
  • CED-MS.S2.T2a.08 Understand how changing economic and societal needs influence employment trends and future training

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