BPSS-CEDs2 logoStandard 2: Career Development
Topic 2.2 Employ strategies to achieve future career goals with success and satisfaction.

CED-MS.S2.T2b Identify Career Goals


  • CED-MS.S2.T2b.09 Demonstrate awareness of the education and training needed to achieve career goals
  • CED-MS.S2.T2b.10 Assess and modify their educational plan to support career
  • CED-MS.S2.Tb2.11 Use employability and job readiness skills in internship, mentoring, shadowing and/or other work experience
  • CED-MS.S2.T2b.12 Select course work that is related to career interests
  • CED-MS.S2.T2b.13 Maintain a career-planning portfolio

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