Physical Ed Introduction

Physical Education

The BPSS (PED) Physical Education Standards course in Learnbps is Bismarck Public School District's current progress on prioritizing and deconstructing standards to provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn. The standards are designed to provide guidance so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help students. Plus help students reflect on the knowledge and skills that they need for success.

BPS Identifier System of the Standards

The individual Standards are organized by their Strand with each Standard having a unique identifier categorized by Subject-Grade Level.Strand.Standard. The Bismarck Public School District has modified the North Dakota DPI Identifiers to fit into our student information system PowerSchool for Standards-Based grading.

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  • PED (Subject)
      • 05 (Grade Level)
          • S2 (Standard)
              • 05a (Outcome)


S2.E5.5a, b & c

      • S2 (Standard)
          • E5 (Elementary - Grade Level)
              • 05a (Outcome)

Note click on an identifier which is an auto-link to view more information about the standards. (e.g. I can...statements)

PED-05.S2.05a - Applies basic offensive and defensive strategies and tactics in invasion small-sided practice tasks.