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The Physical Education Standards are organized into three grade-span levels; elementary, middle school, and high school.












The elementary grade-span level, covers kindergarten through Grade 5. By the end of Grade 5, the learner will demonstrate competence in fundamental motor skills and selected combinations of skills; use basic movement concepts in rhythmic activities/dance, gymnastics and small-sided practice tasks; identify basic health-related fitness concepts; exhibit acceptance of self and others in physical activities; and identify the benefits of a physically active lifestyle.

Middle School

The middle school grade-span level, covers Grade 6 through Grade 8. By the end of Grade 8, the learner will apply tactics and strategies to modified game play; demonstrate fundamental movement skills in a variety of contexts; design and implement a health-enhancing fitness program; participate in self-selected physical activity; cooperate and encourage classmates; accept individual differences and demonstrate inclusive behaviors; and engage in physical activity for enjoyment and self-expression.

High School

The high school grade-span level refers to Grade 9 through Grade 12. By the end of high school, the learner will be college/career-ready, as demonstrated by the ability to plan and implement different types of personal fitness programs; demonstrate competency in two or more lifetime activities; describe key concepts associated with successful participation in physical activity; model responsible behavior while engaged in physical activity; and engage in physical activities that meet the need for self expression, challenge, social interaction and enjoyment.

BPS Identifier System of the Standards

The individual Standards are organized by their Strand with each Standard having a unique identifier categorized by Subject-Grade Level.Strand.Standard. The Bismarck Public School District has modified the North Dakota DPI Identifiers to fit into our student information system PowerSchool for Standards-Based grading.

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  • PED (Subject)
      • 05 (Grade Level)
          • S2 (Standard)
              • 05a (Outcome)


S2.E5.5a, b & c

      • S2 (Standard)
          • E5 (Elementary - Grade Level)
              • 05a (Outcome)

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PED-05.S2.05a - Applies basic offensive and defensive strategies and tactics in invasion small-sided practice tasks.