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Young children arrive in Kindergarten with widely varying knowledge in ....

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Standard 1: Movement Patterns

PED-00.S1 Student demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.
  • Locomotor Cluster:
    • PED-00.S1.01: Performs locomotor skills (walking, hopping, galloping, running, sliding, skipping) while maintaining balance.
    • PED-00.S1.03: Performs jumping and landing actions with balance.
    • PED-00.S1.04: Performs jumping & landing actions with balance.
    • PED-00.S1.05: Performs locomotor skills in response to teacher-led creative rhythms.
  • Non Locomotor (stability) Cluster:
    • PED-00.S1.07a: Maintains momentary stillness on different bases of support (e.g., one body part, combinations of body parts, wide base, narrow base).
    • PED-00.S1.07b: Forms wide, narrow, curled and twisted body shapes.
    • PED-00.S1.09: Rolls sideways in a narrow body shape.
    • PED-00.S1.10: Contrasts the actions of curling and stretching.
  • Manipulative Cluster:
    • PED-00.S1.13: Throws underhand with opposite foot forward.
    • PED-00.S1.16a: Drops a ball and catches it before it bounces twice.
    • PED-00.S1.16b: Catches a large ball tossed by a skilled thrower.
    • PED-00.S1.17: Dribbles a ball with one hand, attempting the second contact.
    • PED-00.S1.18: Taps a ball using the inside of the foot, sending it forward.
    • PED-00.S1.21: Kicks a stationary ball from a stationary position, demonstrating two of the five elements of a mature kicking pattern
    • PED-00.S1.22: Volleys a lightweight object (balloon), sending it upward.
    • PED-00.S1.24: Strikes a lightweight object with a paddle or short-handled racket.
    • PED-00.S1.27a: Executes a single jump with self-turned rope.
    • PED-00.S1.27b: Jumps a long rope with teacher-assisted turning.

Standard 2: Movement Concepts

PED-00.S2 Applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.
    • PED-00.S2.01a: Moves in personal space to a rhythm.
    • PED-00.S2.01b:¬†is Physical Education Kindergarten Standards Moves in personal space to a rhythm.
    • PED-00.S2.02: Travels in three different pathways (e.g., zig-zag, curved, straight)
    • PED-00.S2.03: Travels in general space with different speeds.
    • PED-00.S2.04: Identify body parts (e.g., head, shoulders, knees, chest elbows, hands and feet).

Standard 3: Physical Activity

PED-00.S3 Demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.
    • PED-00.S3.01: Identifies active play opportunities outside physical education class (to include indoor and outdoor recess).
    • PED-00.S3.02: Actively participates in physical education class
    • PED-00.S3.03: Recognizes that when you move fast, your heart beats faster and you breathe faster.
    • PED-00.S3.06: Recognizes that food provides energy for physical activity.

Standard 4: Behavior in PE

PED-00.S4 Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.
    • PED-00.S4.01: Follows directions in group settings (e.g., safe behaviors, following rules, taking turns). (
    • PED-00.S4.02: Acknowledges responsibility for behavior when prompted (e.g., thumbs up, fist of five, reflective listening).
    • PED-00.S4.03: Follows instruction/ directions when prompted.
    • PED-00.S4.04: Shares equipment and space with others.
    • PED-00.S4.05: Recognizes the established protocol for class activities.
    • PED-00.S4.06: Follows teacher directions for safe participation and proper use of equipment with minimal reminders.

Standard 5: Fitness Concepts

PED-00.S5 Recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.
    • PED-00.S5.01: Recognizes that physical activity is important for good health.
    • PED-00.S5.02: Acknowledges that some physical activities are challenging/difficult.
    • PED-00.S5.03b: Discusses the enjoyment of playing with friends.
    • PED-00.S5.03a: Identifies physical activities that are enjoyable.