BPS District Health Standards Book

Health Grade Levels

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The Health Standards are organized into multiple grade-span levels listed below:

BPS Identifier System of the Standards

The individual Standards are organized by their Strand with each Standard having a unique identifier categorized by Subject-Grade Level.Strand.Standard. The Bismarck Public School District has modified the North Dakota DPI Identifiers to fit into our student information system PowerSchool for Standards-Based grading.

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  • HTL (Subject)
      • MS (Grade Band)
          • s1 (Standard)
              • 10 (benchmarck)



      • 1 (Standard)
          • 8 (Middle School - Grade Band)
              • 10 (benchmark)

Note click on an identifier which is an auto-link to view more information about the standards. (e.g. I can...statements)

HTL-MS.s1.10: Explain the processes of conception, prenatal development, and birth.