BPS District Health Standards Book

Health Grade Levels

-Archived MS

glossary icon Archived Middle School Health Standards

Standard 1: Growth and Development

HTL-MS.1 Students understand the fundamental concepts of growth and development.
  • HTL-MS.1.01 Describe changes that occur throughout the life cycle
  • HTL-MS.1.02 Describe the interrelationships during adolescence
  • HTL-MS.1.03 Explain the processes of conception, prenatal development, and birth
  • HTL-MS.1.04 Identify the anatomical structures of the reproductive system

Standard 2: Personal Health

HTL-MS.2 Students understand concepts related to the promotion of health and the prevention of disease.
  • HTL-MS.2.01 Develop strategies for managing stress in their own lives
  • HTL-MS.2.02 Describe ways to improve self-esteem
  • HTL-MS.2.03 Explain how values and beliefs influence health practices and behaviors
  • HTL-MS.2.04 Describe ways in which family history can have an impact on personal health
  • HTL-MS.2.05 Explain the relationship between sexual behavior and personal health
  • HTL-MS.2.06 Identify the symptoms and treatment of common diseases and health problems
  • HTL-MS.2.07 Explain ways in which health policies can influence disease prevention
  • HTL-MS.2.08 Explain the benefits of nutrition and physical activity
  • HTL-MS.2.09 Describe ways to reduce or prevent injuries
  • HTL-MS.2.10 Describe personal risks associated with harmful chemicals and drugs

Standard Standard 3: Exteranl Health Factors

HTL-MS.3 Students understand the effect of external factors on the health of individuals, families, communities, and the environment.
  • HTL-MS.3.01 Analyze how external factors affect health in positive and negative ways
  • HTL-MS.3.02 Identify ways that physical environment influences the health of individuals

Standard 4: Communication Skills

HTL-MS.4 Students demonstrate the ability to use communication skills to enhance health.
  • HTL-MS.4.01 Describe effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills to enhance health
  • HTL-MS.4.02 Apply strategies for coping with peer pressure
  • HTL-MS.4.03 Describe causes of conflicts and strategies to prevent conflicts

Standard 5: Decision Making and Goal Setting

HTL-MS.5 Students demonstrate the ability to use decision making and goal setting skills to enhance health.
  • HTL-MS.5.01 Identify ways in which personal health goals can be influenced by abilities, priorities, and responsibilities
  • HTL-MS.5.02 Identify the steps of the decision-making process.

Standard 6: Consumer Health

HTL-MS.6 Students demonstrate the ability to access, use, and evaluate health-related information, products, and services.
  • HTL-MS.6.01 Explain how to use resources and services that provide valid health information
  • HTL-MS.6.02 Analyze the validity of common health information, products, and services

Standard 7: Health Advocacy

HTL-MS.7 Students demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health.
  • HTL-MS.7.01 Describe strategies to influence and work cooperatively with others to advocate for healthy individuals, families, and communities
  • HTL-MS.7.02 Identify myths and facts related to health issues