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High School (ELA-JN) Journalism

(JT) Technology Strand

ELA-JN.JT.01 - Understand and demonstrate how technology can support communication and collaboration, personal and professional productivity, and lifelong learning by using a variety of district-approved Web 2.0 tools.


Some Journalism Standard are larger groups of related Sub-Standards Outcomes. So this Journalism Standard Grade is a calculation of all the related Sub-Standards. So click on the Sub-Standard Outcomes below each Standard to access the learning targets and proficiency scales for each Journalism Standard related Outcomes.


  • JT.01.a - Use spreadsheets and other programs to organize, calculate, graph, sort, and present data in a variety of real?world settings and choose the most appropriate type to represent given data (e.g. publication ladders, submissions, sales, invoices, advertising, etc.).
  • JT.01.b - Use a variety of technology tools (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus, grammar checker, style guide, Google Drive, Google Apps) to maximize the accuracy of work.

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