Instructional Reading Level 

A child’s instructional reading level is determined by what a child can either read with 95%(98% accuracy for upper elementary students) or better accuracy with limited comprehension or what he reads with between 90-94%(94-98% for upper elementary) accuracy with excellent or satisfactory comprehension.

The instructional reading level is only used for instructional purposes in the classroom.

This allows the teacher to use the appropriate leveled book for teaching reading strategies during guided reading.  The scores you see for individual reading standards indicate how your child is showing progress with that standard at an independent level (a text level they do not need help reading).

Children should experience a variety of books at varied levels in a rich literacy program.

They may experience complex texts as read aloud or shared reading selections and a range of levels in book discussion groups or independent reading. 

Teachers will provide a range of opportunities with different texts for different purposes. 

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